Friend Who’s Always Late Now Too Poor To Buy Round

Everyone’s one friend who lives in Brighton and is always late to everything because of Southern Rail is now also too poor to buy an apology round at the pub, because of Southern Rail price hikes.

Brian, the last of his friends who has resisted the move to London, has been consistently late for meeting his London friends for dinner for 2016, but has always made up for it by buying a round. Increasing fares now mean he’s got no money to buy the round. This means Brian is now both skint and unpunctual, and still only ever tells the story of how he once thought a sausage was vegan and it wasn’t. His friends now aren’t sure if there’s any point in bothering.

Southern Rail trains at platform

Photo Credit: sreejithk2000 / Magnus Manske Wikimedia Commons

Other Rail News:

Southern Rail today announced that they were increasing fares again above inflation, at the end of a year racked with delays, cancellations and strikes. There is good news, though, as having fewer people being able to afford the train hopefully means a few more people will be able to get a seat.


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