Is It Cheating If I’m Receiving Emails From Owen Smith?

We’ve got another one of our reader’s moral quandries this week. Comment below if you’ve got a suggestion for “corbynlove230“.

corbyn heart

Photo Credit: Garry Knight

“So. I’ve been involved with this guy, Jeremy Corbyn, for a few years now. When I moved to the area, I kept things casual. It started off with a few emails here and there from the North Islington Labour mailing list but nothing serious. There was that one time things got a little bit… personal… when he responded to my letter about the availability of compost bin liners. I won’t go into details. I’ll just say I could tell he was a great guy even then.

But it was only at the 2015 general election that I had my first face to face encounter. Then after he became Labour leader, well, I was smitten. Suddenly, the communication became more frequent… more regular… I couldn’t go a day without one of his Facebook posts penetrating my newsfeed.  I did everything he asked. I tried out some new things I’d always said no to in the past… I even attended a CND rally.

Anyway, over the last few months I’ve felt like he was less keen on me. He was barely around for June and when we finally did meet up he didn’t seem to want to chat about the things I wanted to chat about. The passion had gone. If I had to rate his enthusiasm… probably  a 7/10. Disappointing.

So now suddenly this guy called Owen Smith has started emailing me… and… well, I’m letting him. I’ve not clicked the unsubscribe button. I’ve even started following him on Twitter. He keeps inviting me to come to events to see him in person, but so far I’ve said no.

Is this cheating?”


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