Prince Will in India: “Yes, Great-Grandfather Took The Best Of It.”

Prince William, alongside his wife Princess Kate, have been left underwhelmed by their visit to India this week, stating that he’s not seen anything worth stealing during his whole journey. He said he fully understood his great-grandfather’s decision to leave this stuff and why it wasn’t also taken back for the British Museum.

Photo Credit: Sarah Star

Photo Credit: Sarah Star

It is understood that this trip was both a diplomatic mission as well as an artifact finding mission. Prince William is allegedly very disappointed to have not found anything worth taking as a non-consensual gift to the British monarchy. Upon visiting several monasteries and landmarks, including the Taj Mahal, he is reported as having said, “Yes, yes it’s nice and everything, but not quite the same level as Grandma’s throne room, is it? I guess Great and Great-Great Grandpas really did a good job at collecting everything the first times round, didn’t they?”

During a visit to Punjab, he remarked that it was quite a pointless journey, saying “The Golden Throne of Maharaj Ranjit Singh is on display in the V&A and that’s just round the corner from Kensington Palace, so it seems a bit daft to have come all the way over here when quite frankly the best of it is already just a short stroll from our house.” He then added, “I just mean from an environmental perspective, I took a plane journey to look at the furniture you’ve got here and I wouldn’t have even had to take an Uber back in Blighty.”

Kate interjected at this point and said, “We really do appreciate all that the Indian nation has so kindly given us up until this point. It’s just, when we came here I was really hoping to find a matching diamond to the Kohinoor Diamond in the royal crown, so you know when Wills becomes king we can have his and hers crowns. It was just really disappointing to see that we’ve had that precious stone for quite a while now and they’ve seemingly not bothered to find us a better, newer one. We clearly do have the best of it back in Britain and so it’s just a bit sad to see India not even trying to make new versions of the priceless artifacts Wills’ grandparents took before.”


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