Thousands Shocked To Discover Panama Is A Real Place

News that millions of documents detailing tax evasion by the wealthy elite from a Panamanian Law Firm has lead thousands to discover that Panama is in fact a real place and not the fictional location of the Hunger Games trilogy.

Picture Credit: Stormfront 81

Not Panama. Picture Credit: Stormfront 81

Harold Eisenberg, of Cross Street, said, “I’d heard the word Panama before but I just kept thinking people were referring to Panem. I thought that since The Hunger Games was so massive and had so successfully weaved itself into the national consciousness, people were using Panama frequently as a super cool metaphor. I have to admit, some time last year I did see some budget holidays being advertised to Panama but again I just thought they were trying to be funky and zeitgeisty.”

Lucy Longhorn, of Highbury New Park, told Islington Echo, “It was just such a surprise. I’d heard about tax evasion and Panama on the news but I never believed it was a real thing of a real place; like when Boris Johnson talks about affordable homes. I didn’t think it actually had any bearing on reality. Now I realize that Panem and Panama is actually a bit like The National Living Wage and the Living Wage. They sound similar but one is fictional and the other is real. ”

Cliff DeVere, of Northchurch Road, said, “I’m just gonna level with you, every time I ever heard someone say Panama, I just thought they were taking the piss because Panama sounds so much like banana.”


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