Middle East To Invade USA To Save It From Democracy

A number of Middle Eastern countries have grouped together to invade America in a bid to rescue it from the terror of democracy. Concerns have been building in the rest of the world as the USA looks poised to be taken over by a despotic and psychotic ruler through the democratic process. Labeling Donald Trump a “threat to international security”, a statement released by the group of countries said that the Republican candidate “must be stopped from committing human rights violations against the innocent people of America” as well as “prevented from committing acts of terror in our region”.

Photo credit: Thierry Ehrmann

Photo credit: Thierry Ehrmann

One minister from the General National Congress of Libya, today spoke and said “It is clear that the democratic process has no place in a modern, civilized United States of America. There are people who need to be liberated from the tyranny of Mr Trump. We, the Middle Eastern Nations, take seriously our role in 21st Century peacekeeping. We intend for this to be a quick war. We will enter, overthrow the democratic process to prevent Mr Trump from gaining access to the White House, then we will install a stable government of nobody’s choosing. It is with a heavy heart that we take such action, but the alternative is to let the psychopath Mr Trump be democratically elected; freeing him to cause violence and misery for the people of America.”

Other key players in the region have pledged to do whatever it takes to free the people of this harmful democracy. Some have even cited that if Donald Trump were to be democratically elected, he would have access to an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Whilst such claims have not been verified, the possibility that the presidential candidate could be placed in a position of authority over nuclear and chemical weapons is enough to make an invasion a risk worth taking.


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