DiCaprio Enjoying Moment Of Happiness Before Discovering Life Is Ultimately Pointless

We here at Islington Echo would like to congratulate Leonardo DiCaprio for finally winning an Oscar for his talented acting skills. It is no secret that this has been a goal DiCaprio has been working towards for a number of years. We hope that DiCaprio truly appreciates these moments of happiness as it is not long before he inevitably discovers that even after an Oscar win, life is still deeply unsatisfying and ultimately pointless.

Photo Credit: Siebbi

Photo Credit: Siebbi

Next week, people will start to wonder “when on earth will Leo shut the fuck up about his Oscar? Nobody cares, Leo.” That is when he will be faced with the unflinching reality that all his work was basically for nothing of any worth. Really, he should feel grateful that he has had so many years working towards the Oscar, because repeated disappointment is nothing compared to finally achieving your life ambition only to realise it is totally insignificant. A lot of people never have anything they have any hope of working towards; they spend their life in pitiless, dissatisfied dread. At least Leo has had his few moments of thinking that anything in his life was worth while, even if this is ultimately a delusion.

But perhaps it really is DiCaprio we should pity. Both Buddha and Jesus identified that life is never truly satisfying. You can be satisfied temporarily, then it fades leaving a hole more gaping than before. With DiCaprio’s win, we can be sure he will feel this even more acutely than most.

Granted, DiCaprio’s heartfelt speech about climate change did suggest that he realizes, on some level, that in a hundred years, when we are all burning in a pit of sulphur and carbon dioxide, nobody will care about his Oscar.

That’s all we’ve got time for today, but once again, congratulations Leonardo DiCaprio. We really hope you truly enjoy your Oscar. Totally deserved!



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