Woman Misses Out On Lifelong Dream Because It’s Too Nippy Outside

A woman today missed out on achieving her lifelong dream to see the X Factor Final live at Wembley Arena because it was “just a bit too nippy outside”. Despite having spent hundreds of pounds and weeks of her life trying to secure tickets to the televised event, her dream was no match for today’s cold and dark weather.

Photo Credit: stereogab

Photo Credit: stereogab

Lauren Leroy, of Highbury New Park, today told the Islington Echo, “I was all set to go; I bought a new sparkly dress and I’d done my hair all nicely. Me and my friends have been waiting for this for weeks and dreaming of this since 2006. But then I popped out to get some milk and it was really cold and I just thought I can’t go out in this tonight! I am totally devastated, but what else can I do other than sit at home with a dressing gown and a cup of tea?”

When asked about whether she could have worn a coat and a scarf, she said, “Yes I could have worn a coat and a scarf but then that still requires me putting the coat and scarf on over my nice clothes and then going outside and then when I got there I’d have to take my coat off again and my coat would be on my seat and make the chair all lumpy and uncomfortable. Just. I feel like crying just thinking about it.”

We asked Lauren how she is going to cope with moving forwards having missed out on the X Factor Final Live. “I probably will never get this chance again since it’s been such a shit series this year and it will definitely get cancelled.. or at least it really should get cancelled. The gods were just against us today. The whole thing has been really hard to come to terms with, but not all dreams are meant to be.”


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