Review: Chapel Market Christmas Market

We here at Islington Echo have been so excited by the trend emerging over the last few years for Germanic style Christmas street markets in London. We were delighted to be able to visit the latest market to the craze on our very own doorstep; Chapel Market Christmas Market, or as we call it; The Islington Christmas Wonderland. We arrived not expecting much since this new market is quite late to the game compared to some more established markets, such as Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park or The Southbank Centre Winter Festival. How wrong we were. The Chapel Market Christmas Market will amaze and delight locals with Christmassy fruit and veg stalls and the opportunity to buy festive spare keys and number plates, as well as ample offerings of seasonal treats such as onion bhajis and paella. There was even a wintery fish stand or two for those who want to explore the numerous stalls with a handful of warm, raw trout fillets. For those looking for a gift for that special someone; there were several stalls selling discount e-cigarette refills for those looking for a bargain!

In terms of decoration, rather than opting for the conventional wooden cabin vibe, these traders at Chapel Market Christmas Market went for a more urban approach with plastic sheeting and metal poles which really added to the general atmosphere of ‘Gentrification Celebration’. And don’t forget the tinsel!

We can’t wait to see what will become of this market for Christmas 2016. Whatever happens, it just goes to show that even somewhere deserted like Chapel Market can be brought alive by the introduction of a Christmas Market at this time of year.



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