Mass Panic as Households Run Out Of Carrier Bags To Use As Bin Liners

Islington residents are now coming to the realization that they will need to purchase actual bin liners as stocks of their plastic carrier bags are running low.


Image of a day gone by

It is now two months since the government brought in the 5p plastic carrier bag charge, leading people to swap the plastic bags for the environmentally friendly canvas bags they bought three years ago, used once and then forgot about. The result has been that the thousands of households who used these old plastic carrier bags as bin liners around the house are now forced to actually buy bin liners… like actual bin liners that go in the bin and not just plastic bags… like most people didn’t even realize they made bin liners that small, but they do… like apparently they’re next to the normal big black bin liners, near where they keep the washing up liquid and stuff.

We spoke to Arabella Washbrook, of Mildmay Road, who told us, “It’s all fine and good using a free plastic bag for a bin liner, but to spend 5p on a bag to then just use it as a bin liner seems like a total waste of money. But now I have to buy a pack of 25 bin liners for £1.30 which is actually more per bin liner than just buying 5p bags to use as bin liners, so I’m still using the same number of bags but now they just go straight in the bin and it’s costing more. I can’t deal with this. I can’t deal with this. Oh God.”

There have been reports of some residents forgoing bin liners all together and just using their hands to scoop up rubbish and put it into the wheelie bin outside. This has lead to a rise in A&E admittance in the area with people who accidentally cut themselves on pieces of sharp uncooked fusilli whilst trying to dispose of their household waste.


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