Rise in robbery of pub toilets’ tampon vending machines

Islington is experiencing a crime spree as an organised gang appears to be targeting sanitary towel dispensers located in toilets in pubs and shopping centres across the borough.

The gang appears to be made up of up to six women, all with their heads covered by bandannas. In most instances, they storm the toilet with crowbars, smashing the vending machines and stealing the luxury items inside.

So far, eight separate toilets have been targeted; leading to hundreds of pounds worth of damage. A recent burglary involved the women waiting in the toilet until closing time before distracting the bartender long enough to smash open the secure Always Ultra vault. It is reported the machine also contained branded Ibuprofen and condoms, but these was left untouched, owing to their lesser street value due to their tax status. It has been described as the most elaborate and profitable burglary in London since the Hatton Garden Heist.

It is unknown what has happened to the hundreds of pounds of luxury tampons and sanitary towels since the spree began. It is most likely that they will have made their way to the black market and may never be recovered. All public toilets in the area are currently being fitted with a safety button in order to protect the luxurious goods that lay inside.


Photo Credit: Mariusz Buk


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